Understand changes

Agribusiness: 21st century geopolitical driver

The critical need to double global food production by the year 2050 has been forcing change in every aspect of agribusiness, and all indications are that change will be accelerating. Technology to improve productivity and transportation, globalization of production and markets, and consumer choices that resonate all the way up the food chain are just a few of the factors influencing the need for more capital and different business models throughout agribusiness.
AgriCapital has been a part of the agribusiness industry for 33 years, employs experts and advisers in virtually every sector of agribusiness, and has been acutely aware of ongoing changes in the broad industry and in particular segments with unique challenges. Our agribusiness market intelligence has granularity unrivaled in the investment banking field. This intelligence has illuminated the industry changes, which have been catalysts for virtually all of our assignments and the jumping-off point for our services.
AgriCapital’s market intelligence facilitates its ability to assist clients in finding and implementing customized solutions quickly. When we undertake a new assignment, we begin with a complete study of the client’s business and needs. In contrast with non-specialized investment banking firms, we often have a significant head start based on our prior work in the industry, our knowledge of the competitive climate, and our regular contact with industry players. We then identify and evaluate the available options and work with the client to put in place a customized plan to accomplish the client’s objectives. Selected examples on our homepage of actual solutions and what it took to achieve them demonstrate both our capabilities and our culture.

Analyze complexities

Where investment banking meets agribusiness

In an environment of change, making the right moves is critical to your business’ future, and the choices are complex. As a team that knows both finance and all aspects of agribusiness inside and out, we are uniquely able to understand the internal and market factors that affect your growth and profitability and the financial requirements to achieve your goals in a changing marketplace. Although our market intelligence places us at a point further along the curve than a non-specialized, investment-banking firm, every assignment begins with a complete study of your business, the changing environment in which it operates, and what it needs to be more successful.

Create solutions

Finding the way forward

After thoroughly analyzing what is likely to lie ahead for your business, our goal is to work with you to illuminate your best path, lead you on its twists and turns, and get you where you want to be efficiently and creatively. We never assume what the solution will be—merger, acquisition, divestiture, financial restructuring, financing, joint venture or something else. We begin with an open mind, and while the best course of action may often seem apparent, unusual operational or ownership issues, bewildering market developments or conflicting views on future prospects can sometimes obfuscate it. Having undertaken some 550 assignments during our 33 years in business and having market intelligence based in part on a large network of industry players with whom we are in regular contact, we are experts at sorting through options and developing new, non-obvious solutions.