AgriCapital is a leading M & A firm for agribusiness companies

We are experts at evaluating the potential paths a company might take, at finding appropriate partners, and at structuring fair and viable deals. In any transaction, we protect our client’s interest by rigidly adhering to a code of ethics where we represent the interest of only one side. Senior, highly experienced members of our team are actively involved in all transactions.

Many agribusiness companies need to go through a change of ownership in order to operate more effectively in an increasingly competitive and unsettled environment, to preserve or monetize their owners’ capital, or to help effect succession or estate plans. Some owners seek to manage their capital better by divesting of non-core businesses. Others seek to grow or complement their businesses through acquisitions.

On the Sell Side, whether a divestiture or a complete company sale, we analyze the business and develop an appropriate valuation; prepare marketing materials; and utilize our extensive network to locate potential buyers. Our process and wide-ranging, worldwide contacts often enable us to obtain a higher multiple of earnings for the seller than might otherwise be achievable.

On the Buy Side, where clients may include both agribusinesses and private-equity firms, and where companies may be looking for mergers or outright purchases, we assist in identifying candidates that meet strategic objectives. Because we are continually active in the agribusiness market and know at all times a number of businesses that are potentially available, we are able to develop a target list of companies meeting a client’s criteria rapidly. Once the target list has been developed, we make the initial contacts and presentations, negotiate on the client’s behalf, and follow through until closing.